Welcome to The 10th Asia-Pacific International Conference on Lightning (APL2017)

May 16 19, 2017 at Krabi, THAILAND

The Tenth Asia-Pacific International Conference on Lightning (APL 2017) provides good opportunity to present and discuss latest findings in the field of lightning discharge and lightning protection. The Tenth Asia-Pacific International Conference on Lightning in Krabi, Thailand will continue along the line of the previous conferences, which were held in Beijing (2003), Seoul (2004), Tokyo (2005), Guangzhou (2007), Jeju (2008), Yokohama (2009), Chengdu (2011), Seoul (2013) and Nagoya (2015).

The conference is organized by the ECTI Association, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and APL 2017 Local Organizing Committee.

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  • Lightning Discharge
  • Lightning Detection and Warning Systems
  • Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse (LEMP) and Lightning-Induced Effects
  • Lightning Attachment
  • Lightning Down-Conductors and Earthing
  • Lightning Protection of Power Systems
  • Lightning Protection of Railways and Vehicles
  • Lightning Protection of Electronic Systems
  • Lightning Protection of Renewable Energy Systems and Smart Grids
  • Lightning Testing Standards or Guidelines of Lightning Protection
  • Practical and Specific Lightning Protection Problems
  • Lightning Safety


  • Chairperson: S. Yokoyama (Japan)
  • Vice Chairperson: J. He (China)
  • Secretary: M. Sato (Japan)
  • Z. Huang (China)
  • X. Zhang (China)
  • B. H. Lee (Korea)
  • K. Lee (Korea)
  • N.Watanabe (Japan)
  • Z.A. Hartono (Malaysia)
  • U. Kumar (India)
  • Y. Baba (Japan)


  • S. Choomchuay, Chairperson (ECTI/KMITL Thailand)
  • A. Kunakorn, Co-Chairperson (KMITL, Thailand)
  • S. Polmai, Co-chairperson (KMITL, Thailand)
  • S. Sangkasaad, (Outstanding Graduate Fellow, Thailand) 
  • W. Promphanich, Financial Chair (ECTI/KMITL)
  • P. Keokuay, (ECTI/KMITL)
  • P. Yutthagowith, Secretary (KMITL, Thailand)
  • K. Yamamoto, (Chubu University, Japan)
  • S. Pothivejkul, (KMITL, Thailand)
  • N. Pattanadech, (KMITL, Thailand)
  • P. Chaisiri, (KMITL, Thailand)


  • Chairperson: N. Pattanadech (Thailand)
  • Co-chairpersons: Y. Baba (Japan)
                                Z. Fu (China)
                                J.W. Woo (Korea)


Secretary: P. Yutthagowith
APL2017 Office, High Voltage Engineering Laboratory, Faculty of engineering of KMITL, THAILAND.
1 Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520, THAILAND.
Fax. +66-2-329-8000 ext. 3925
E-mail: secretary@apl2017.org